Our Mission is to raise awareness about the rate of infant mortality, along with the health and well being of families, and provide the necessary resources to support bereaved families.
Our Vision is for communities to gain the needed education and confidence to become mentally, physically, and spiritually stronger, while full of hope during their grieving process.

Grief is not bound by time



Your donation to Ray of Hope & Love, Inc will show your commitment to raising awareness about the needs of grieving families, stressing the importance of mental health, and helping us provide resources to families during their pregnancy as well as after child loss.
  • Raise awareness to communities concerning infant mortality and find resources to help pregnant families through their individual journeys.
  • Provide resources to pregnant families concerning needed healthcare.

  • Provide quality nutrition for pregnant women in low income areas.
  • Grief counseling for families experiencing infant loss.
  • Help Ray of Hope documentary reach a wider audience and provide resources for future films.